Approved Dankort terminal for vending machines

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Dankort, Visa, Master card, SMS, NFC, MobilePay and Apple Pay

approved terminal for vending machines.

Logos' Dankort Terminal with its 4.3 '' touch screen for advertising and customer dialogue is built into vending machines and mounted to coffee machines, so end customers never go in vain due to missing coins.

The VendingCAT fulfills customers' expectations for lightning fast purchases with contactless payment cards without PIN as well as MobilePay, Apple Pay and other mobile payments

The VendingCAT gives

  • Increased revenue and low transaction costs
  • Saved administration due to limited coin handling and through the online administration system PayManager
  • More reliable and less wear on mechanical card reader when, for example, 50% of trades are made with contactless cards

The VendingCAT is Nets-approved and must use their security chip, a so-called PSAM. With a redemption agreement on Dankort and credit cards you get frequent settlement and thus a healthy cash flow. The paperwork in this respect manages Logos Design so that you are quickly up and running.

The transaction costs amount to

DKK 0.50 at Dankort

DKK 1.25 for debit and credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard

DKK 0.75 at MobilePay

The annual license sounds at DKK 1485, - to Logos Design A / S and DKK 390, - for the PSAM chip.


The Dankort terminal can be installed simultaneously with an MDB coin mechanism so that the end customer of each trade can choose their preferred means of payment.


There is rarely any requirement for receipts for small payments in coffee and vending machines, but in PayManager the seller can actually obtain a receipt that can be e-mailed to the customer. If the sales office Storebox has, it will also be possible to activate this for all registered users.


ZegoTech installs the Dankort terminal in the coffee or vending machine at our address so the machine is ready to serve drinks and / or snacks when it leaves our authorized workshop.

The VendingCAT must be connected to the Internet.

It is done as a starting point with a network cable, but if there is no plug, you can buy a Wi-fi router or a 4G broadband modem with associated data plan. Above all, the internet connection must be stable.

The connection is used, among other things. to a web-based monitoring system, PayManager, where the accounts can be retrieved 24/7.


You can download the latest brochure on VendingCAT here:

Dankort terminal brochure

Technical specifications.

• Logos Ni-7 industrial computer with POS application
• Ethernet connection
• NFC antenna for payment with contactless cards
• PCI and EMV certified - secure, encrypted communication
• Connection to any. Coin insert
• MDB protocol
• Option: Modem, 3G / 4G connection
• Option: Relay interface and control
• Dimensions: 111 x 128 x 132 mm (b, h, d)

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