Jura Giga X7

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Jura Giga X7! is a revolutionary novelty in Espresso machines. In the 25 years we have worked with coffee machines, the Jura Giga X7 is one of the best espresso machines we have worked with.


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Jura Giga X7

The Jura Giga X7 is a luxurious machine that can brew up to 150 cups of coffee daily. The machine contains:

- 2 bean towers with capacity up to 650 grams each

- 2 effective and quiet ceramic flat stone cutters that can take between 5 and 16 grams of beans at a time

- Unique micro milk system for foaming

- Onetouch milk system with the option of brewing up to two cups of coffee at a time

- New screen technology with illustrations of the different drinks

- Adaptation system that allows you to adjust the amount of beans, milk froth and espresso during brewing

- Coffee outlet, which can be adjusted in both height and width (max. Height: 15.9 centimeters, max width between nozzles: 5 centimeters)

- Possibility to choose between whole beans and ground coffee powder

- Removable water tank with capacity up to 5 liters

- Illumination system that illuminates the cup while it is brewing

The Jura Giga X7 is also equipped with an automatic monitoring system that notifies when it is time to empty the drip tray and dump box.

The machine contains Claris filters which provide automatic descaling. However, we recommend that you descale the machine 1-2 times a year, as the Danish water is very calcareous.

For environmental reasons, the machine does not use power when it is off and can be programmed to turn itself off.

One touch

The machine is equipped with the smart One touch system, which allows you to grind beans, skimmed milk and blend it all together into the perfect cup of coffee with just one touch and remember that it can brew two cups at once .

Included thermos bottle

Buy this Jura Giga X7

You get a 0.6 liter thermos bottle to store milk in. The thermos bottle can be connected to the machine and the milk can stay in the bottle for up to 6 hours.

Exquisite operation

The Giga X7 holds the latest display technology from Jura. Here, all the different options are illustrated, which makes it easy to operate the machine.

Easy adaptation

Once you have decided which cup of coffee you want, you can see on the machine how far it is in the process, and it is thus easy to either increase or decrease the amount of beans, milk foam and espresso. In addition, you can choose which prayer tower the individual cup should take from, or you can make a mixture of the beans from the two towers. You can also use ground coffee, which is poured into the funnel.


Like all other Jura espresso machines, this machine is equipped with a Claris filter, which itself delivers the descaling machine.

Adjustable coffee nozzle

The machine has a height-adjustable and width-adjustable coffee nozzle that can take glass up to 15.9 cm. tall, for coffee, espresso, cappuccino and latte. In addition, the width can be set to 5 cm, which makes it possible to make two cups of coffee at one time.

Removable water tank of 2.1 liters

The removable water tank can hold up to 2.1 liters of water and is easy to access.


Like all other Jura espresso machines, the machine does not use power when it is off, making it both energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Then the coffee is ready

The Jura Giga X7 is equipped with a smart little detail, namely with a light that illuminates the cup when it is brewing and which then changes color when the coffee is finished.

Grass container and drip tray

You will automatically be notified when it is time to empty the dump box and drip tray.

Easy operation with automatic switch off

The espresso machine is easy to operate with a clear display and can be programmed to turn itself off when not in use.


  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 37 x 49.7 x 56.5 cm
  • Weight 18 kg
  • Water tank 5 L
  • Bean container 2 x 650 grams
  • Glass and head height espresso max 15.9 cm
  • Glass and head height cappuccino max 15 cm
  • Glass and head height hot water max 16.5 cm.
  • Width between outlet from the brewing head ** max 5 cm
  • Dump box capacity approx. 40 cups
  • Brewing capacity Max 150 cups daily


  • Electrical connection 230 V 50-60 Hz
  • Power 2300 W
  • Pump pressure 15 bar
  • Number of cups 1 or 2 at a time
  • Display TFT display
  • Programmable Coffee Strengths 5
  • Programmable brewing temperature 3
  • Number of adjustable ceramic grinders 2

Selected features

  • Automatic cappuccino system Yes
  • Memory function Yes
  • Whole prayers Yes
  • Formalized prayers Yes
  • Cleaning system Yes
  • Automatic off function Yes
  • Light in the cup during brewing Yes

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