Female sterile ozone water

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Ozone filter water

  • Purification of vegetables that can be organic fertilized with slurry and thereby have a high germ count.
  • Poor odor in clothes, soaked with ozone water.
  • Flowers stay long with ozone water in the vase.
  • Washing of hands and arms before surgery.
  • Pets washed in Ozone water "wet dog smell disappears"

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With the Kona Ozon luminaire, it is possible to remove pesticides, fungi, viruses, organic matter and other pollutants. Kona Ozone is technical water, the water is delivered when the photocell is activated .. see photo. Ozone water cleans or disinfects the following: viruses, odors and bacteria, it has many uses.

  • Purification of vegetables that can be organic fertilized with slurry and thereby have a high germ count.
  • Poor odor in clothes, soaked with ozone water.
  • Flowers stay long with ozone water in the vase.
  • Washing of hands and arms before surgery.
  • Pets washed in Ozone water "wet dog smell disappears"

We are proud that our product has been approved by the FDA Class 1 as a medical device in the United States, and currently we are trying to get Class 2 approved see link:


Kona Ozone is already approved to be sold in the medical market. "Hand, surface and equipment hygiene.


Ozone water purification plant is a process that purifies the water by eradicating toxins. Ozone filtered water is safe and healthy and free of pesticides, fungi, viruses, organic matter and other pollutants. Ozone is used in the process, is more effective than chlorine to remove harmful substances from the water. Ozone water purification is FDA approved and is the most effective method of removing toxins in water. More than 90 percent of the world's purified water, including bottled water, is ozone filtered.

Ozone Properties

Ozone is a very powerful oxidant that removes organic matter in water by making it inactive. The process is the most widespread water purification system in the world due to ozone superior ability to neutralize biological threats in water. Ozone also filters and removes metals such as manganese, sulfur and iron from the water by oxidizing them.


Ozone is more effective than chlorine to remove any trace of taste and smell from the water, especially because ozone itself has no characteristic taste or odor. One of the main benefits of ozone water purification is that no harsh chemicals involved in the process, no artificial substances added to ozone, mean that the water is not exposed to foreign matter. Ozone is a naturally occurring substance that consists of oxygen, and when cleaning water, it returns to oxygen without leaving traces.


Aside from the free water of biological contaminants, ozone also controls the accumulation of deposits in household and industrial waste pipes and water passages. When deposits are based on pipes, the amount of water that can be transported with the structure is reduced. Ozone not only helps prevent the build-up of deposits and gives unobstructed flow, it also improves the quality of water. Some companies also use ozone to clean the water in swimming pools because ozone does not have many of the negative effects of chlorine

Molecular structure

The chemical composition of the ozone molecule consists of three oxygen atoms. two of the atoms are closely linked, while the third atom is weakly attached to the molecule. When the ozone molecule is in water, the third (weakly-retained) atom transfers and binds to biological pests such as bacteria and viruses. This attachment causes pests to oxidize and be killed.

Ozone Generator

In an ozone water purification system, an ozone generator produces molecules of ozone for the filtration process. Inside the generator, ultraviolet (UV) lamps of high intensity simulate the sun's UV rays involved in the natural production of ozone in the atmosphere. Some oxygen molecules in the UV chamber are converted to ozone when compressed air is forced through the ozone generator. Ozone can also be produced by chemical and electrolytic reactions in some centrifuges.

The cleaning process

The ozone produced passes through a diffuser that creates bubbles. Ozone saturates bubbles, and ozone-rich bubbles are then mixed with water in a purification tank. In water, ozone separates weak oxygen from molecule and attaches to any biological material in water. When this oxidation process occurs, the pest is immediately transformed into a harmless substance that provides clean drinking water. Ozone filtered water is safe for human consumption and is free of pests such as protozoa, fungi and bacteria.


Technical data

Specification Description: Commercial Ozone Sensor Water Faucet Spout Model: SEW-O3-03-SN / SEW-O3-04-SN Material: Brass Finish: Brushed Nickel Size of faucet: 215mm (L) x403mm (H), Ø40 ± 2mm (ID) Ozone cleaning size: 186mm (L) x125mm (W) x42mm (H) Function: SEW-O3-03-SN For washing (Ozone cold water) SEW-O3-04-SN For washing (Ozone cold / hot / hot water ) Function: Water flows continuously when removing hands from detection area, water turns off when handling again.

Ozone is produced by electrolysis, of 3 molar sulfuric acid as electrolyte, with a cathode of graphite and an anode of platinum wire.

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