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Combi vending machines Snakky is the first machine from N&W Global Vending with a height of only 1700 mm. Because of its design and its compact size, Snakky is the ideal refreshment service places where space is limited. The side panel has a hot air outlet that allows Snakky to be placed on a wall without damaging the cooling unit. This saves 10 cm at the depth of the machine. It is still possible to have an air outlet on the back if desired.



Snakky has an ergonomic and vandal-proof product dispensing room (patented) with the possibility of blocking when no action is taken. Purchased products are easy to take up, and due to a damper, the robust dispensing room closes slowly afterwards. The new push-in / pull-out cooling unit requires minimal maintenance and is easy to remove. Payment system and electronics are placed in a separate retractable unit with independent access, so that the machine can be serviced in this area without changing the temperature in the product area.

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Own workshop and service center with nationwide technicians in Denmark and southern Sweden.



In case of problems with extradition, the user does not lose his money as the spiral will try to hand over again. If there are still problems, another product can be selected or the money returned.



The temperature in Snakky can be the same throughout the machine (7-9 ° C min.), Set via software, or layered (about 7-9 ° C on the lower shelves and 12-15 ° C on the upper shelves), achieved by adjusting the air flow.



If an extra large capacity is needed, Snakky can be placed next to a Snakky SL, which corresponds to a Snakky but without a payment system. Using a master / slave kit, the two machines share the payment system and selection panel, which is located on the Snakky.



Snakky is prepared for installation of payment systems with Executive and MDB protocol, as well as for installation of validators.

• Coin return mechanism

• Banknote reader with stacks

• Cashless system with key or NFC payment, Master and VISA Dankort reads with Lan or modem



Photocell Kit for coin box. Lift-up kit Bottle bridge for cold drinks. Kit for wall mounting.

Kit for two-way motors (for delivery of long products) Kit RS232 jacks Infrared kit GSM kit

Master / slave kit for Snakky / Snakky SL Bagpanel kit for Snakky / Snakky S



230 V 50 Hz 345 W Max.

Operating conditions: Ambient temperature 32 ° C Relative humidity 65%

Cooling system: Compressors cooling output 320 W

Programmable defrost cycle

Height 1700 mm Width 701 mm Depth 854 mm Depth with open door 1335 mm Weight 190 kg

MDB or EXE coin mechanism and master card VISA + Dankort options

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