Kogende kalkfrit vand fra vandhanen. Vand med brus fra køkken armaturet. Afkalket vand lige fra hanen. Isvand lige fra taphanen. RO vandrensning. Vi skræddersyer din vandløsning i dit design. 

ZegoWater : dansk udvikling og design af kraftige vandkøling til private, kontor, skoler, kantiner, restauranter samt det offentlige rum.  Vi har egen serviceafd. som montere og servicere i Danmark. 

Vi har den bedste CSR profil der er indenfor vand og Co2. "Buy 2 Keep" produkterne er bygget til 15 års drift.......

Kontakt os hvis har brug for hjælp +45 70 22 15 38 eller info@ZegoTech.dk se mere på https://ZegoWater.dk/


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Danish designed quality water coolers in beautiful design.

Zego Waters water coolers are a 100% Danish designed product that fits perfectly with the modern kitchen.

Why spend money and time buying a ½ liter of spring water with or without soda when we can get the same product out of a beautifully designed faucet? ZegoWater is a water cooler built into the kitchen faucet, which can provide solutions such as ice cold water with or without soda, boiling water without lime and normally cold and hot water directly from the tap.

The elegant faucets are 100% Danish designed simplicity and minimalism, which fits perfectly with the Nordic interior design. It's all produced in Denmark or within the EU, and quality has been thought into every aspect, whether it be design, functionality, reliability and durability. ZegoWater is a "buy to keep" product designed for a minimum of 15 years of operation.

Many years of expertise

Behind ZegoWater is Jacob Olsen and Henrik Brammer, who in 2005 got the idea of how to drink cold water in the home and at work. They both come from the coffee machine company Wittenborg, which already in 1994 entered the market for cold drinking water from a water cooler. The cooler was connected to the coffee machine, so there were some drops of coffee afterwards in the water.

"That's why ZegoWater exists today. We made a small faucet in a worktop next to the machine where you could drain his water without coffee in. It was then built in under the sink. Then we became a kitchen company with water solutions for the kitchen, ”says Jacob Olsen, who is the man behind the various products from ZegoWater, while Henrik Brammer is among other things the man who assesses whether Jacob's ideas can be further developed.


Very honorable

We have taken the expertise of the coffee machine industry in the field of technology and servicing into the water segment. “It is characteristic for us that if we have a challenge, then we will solve it in the best possible way. We are by no means a company that skips where the fence lies down. We are very honorable in relation to our reputation, which among other things has meant that we have such a low error rate as 0.7%. All this has meant that our ideas are through the kitchen companies and the plumbing industry in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, ”says Jacob Olsen.


All in one solo

For example, ZegoWater has recently launched All in One solo, which is the first potable water cooler in Europe with five different features: Ice water, boiling water, soda water, usually cold and normal hot water. All in one solo is, as the rest of ZegoWater's products may not be the cheapest solution, but it is, in turn, imbued with quality. “We have only used the best of the best, such as Danfoss components, which just hold and a very special cooling method that makes the water cooler an A + energy solution. ZegoWater is Danish design net, "Technology and Quality is our passion" ends Jacob Olsen.

Coffee machines, water coolers, repairs, coffee machines, espresso machines and bottle dispensers

Zego Tech ApS is a development / trading company that caters to customers / technicians in the kitchen / machine industry in Scandinavia. We are all technically educated with more than 25 years of technical experience and technology as our passion.

Zego Water is our own designed product see more at www.ZegoWater.dk

We deal with coffee machines and repairs thereof and refurbished vending machines. In addition, we deal with espresso machines and related cleaning products. We also have a large selection of vending machines for sweets, food and soft drinks as well as Fadøls facilities, drinking water cooler and sparkling as well as payment systems. You can also find Wittenborg spare parts, Universal undercases, and plumbing fittings on the side as well as everything in lime filters and John Guest quick couplings.

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