Sparkling XXL DH200 -7 ice bank

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Professional ice water and Danish water drainage system


Sparkling XXL DH 200-7 is a "Buy to keep" product with an estimated lifetime of 15 years. With its production within the EU. With over 9,000 drinking water solutions for business in Scandinavia, as well as over 25 years of technical experience, we have all the prerequisites to make the best and most reliable to date.

  • For large quantities of ice water and Danish water + draft beer, all in one plant.
  • The luminaire dispenses 2 - 4 liters per minute.
  • Sparkling XXL DH200-7 cooling system.
  • XXL = Capacity 200 liters / hour.
  • Dimensions: B780 x H560 X D480mm bottom tubes
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant R290
  • For installation in canteens, Cafe`
  • Water is cleaned via active carbon filter and UV lighting.
  • Max. 5 luminaires can be connected to Sparkling XXL
  • 7 pcs. stainless steel pipe 5/16 "
  • Carbonization tank 2.6 l
  • 230v 890 watt ice bank of 60 liters
  • Drinking water temperature 3 - 6 c
  • The luminaire dispenses 2 - 4 liters per minute.

Professional drainage system                       


Sparkling XXL DH200-7 contains a 0.5 ° C cold ice bank, 2.6 liters of Danish water tank, 7 pcs. 5/16 "stainless steel spirals for cold water or a combination of 5 spirals for cold water and 2 for draft beer. The water cooler ensures a constant supply of fresh, clean and cold drinking water with or without soda and at the same time draft beer. The water cooler can be built into canteens. bacteria due to UV illumination of all water supplied to the water cooler All our Sparkling XXL water coolers are flow-through coolers with stainless steel spirals asi 304, from which refreshing, nice cold water can be drained into glass, bottles of decanters or jugs. around the water cooler .  

We recommend always using an Electronic Waterblock See more on Electronic Waterblock


Tap 3 luminaire can be used, deliver max. 1.9 liters per. mine.

Beer tap can also be used for cold water and cold Danish water. deliver 2-4 liters per mine.

Sparkling XXL DH 200-7 Available in other sizes L, XL, XXL,

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