Bravilor Bonamat flasher and B5 - B10 - B20 is the market's most professional filter brewing coffee machine. Reliable coal-burning machine that makes good coffee quickly and flexibly. With descaling indicator and coffee clear signal. Comes with and without water supply.

Over 75% of all errors on Bonomat are lime related…. So it is recommended to install a VA approved lime filter.

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We have 25 years of technical experience in hot and cold drinks.

Model: 68483
0 reviews

Bonamat B5 bridge facility

$3,225.04  Excl. VAT
Model: 68213
0 reviews

Bonamat B5HW series

$4,550.00  Excl. VAT
Model: 68493
0 reviews

Bonamat B10 bridge facility

$3,872.96  Excl. VAT
Model: 68223
0 reviews

Bonamat B10HW series

$4,702.88  Excl. VAT
Model: B20
0 reviews
Bonamat B20 bridge plant
$3,977.94  Excl. VAT
Model: 68233
0 reviews

Bonamat B20HW series

$5,671.12  Excl. VAT
Model: B40
0 reviews
Bonamat B40 bridge plant

Call for price
+45 70221538 / +46 70-868 9924

Model: 79113
0 reviews

Bonamat mondo 2 new model

$540.90  Excl. VAT
Model: 79143
0 reviews

Bonamat Matic new model

$711.98  Excl. VAT
Model: 79103
0 reviews

Bonamat Novo 2 with 1 pitcher

$374.19  Excl. VAT
Model: 79153
0 reviews

Bonamat Matic Twin 230V

$1,466.19  Excl. VAT
Model: 79163
0 reviews

Bonamat Matic Twin 230V

$1,485.12  Excl. VAT

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Zego Tech ApS is a development / trading company that caters to customers / technicians in the kitchen / machine industry in Scandinavia. We are all technically educated with more than 25 years of technical experience and technology as our passion.

Zego Water is our own designed product see more at

We deal with coffee machines and repairs thereof and refurbished vending machines. In addition, we deal with espresso machines and related cleaning products. We also have a large selection of vending machines for sweets, food and soft drinks as well as Fadøls facilities, drinking water cooler and sparkling as well as payment systems. You can also find Wittenborg spare parts, Universal undercases, and plumbing fittings on the side as well as everything in lime filters and John Guest quick couplings.

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