Milk granules, dry milk (also called drimol) are freshly milked milk which is made into powder form. Both sweet, core and skim milk (See also: Milk types ) are made into milk powder. Production of milk powder. After the milk has been homogenized, the milk is atomized in a spray / dry chamber. This can happen at room temperature , which preserves several proteins ( casein , albumin , globumin ) and vitamins .

The importance of milk in the diet.

From the official side, all healthy Danes over two years are advised to drink ¼ - ½ liters of milk daily, where the low level only applies if one lives in accordance with the dietary guidelines. The main reasons for recommending milk as part of the daily diet are the calcium, protein and unique nutritional content of the milk. 100 ml of milk contains 124 mg of calcium, which corresponds to 16% of the recommended daily allowance for an adult human. In addition to calcium, milk contains a number of other nutrients:


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Different types of heat treatment of milk.

Milk is available in many different forms and wraps on the global market. Traditions and habits vary widely in different parts of the world, and the climate explains some of the differences. In countries with hot climates it is harder to keep the milk cold. Therefore, dried milk in powder form is popular in some countries, while the UHT-treated milk is preferred in others.

The milk is heat-treated to remove bacterial cultures that may otherwise develop into pathogenic agents.

Pasturization: The milk is heated to 72 ° C for typically 15 seconds.

High Pasture: The milk is heated to 85-90 ° C for typically 15 seconds.

UHT treatment: (Ultra High Temperature), the milk is heated to 135-150 ° C for 2-4 seconds. UHT milk is milk which is heat treated more strongly than regular drinking milk and has a longer shelf life, over half a year (unopened).

Microfiltration: Before pasteurization, the milk is pumped through a microfilter that removes bacterial cultures. Microfiltration is a new preservation method that has emerged in recent years, where you first microfilter the milk and subsequently pasteurize it. This removes several bacterial cultures and prolongs the shelf life up to 30 days.

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