RO Filter Cartridge Kit

Model: EV997725
$566.53  Excl. VAT

Highlights Checkmark Includes (1) 4Fc5 Pretreatment Carbon Filter
Highlights Checkmark (1) 4Cc Post Treatment Calcite Feeder Cartridge
Highlights Checkmark (1) 4Cb5 Post Carbon Filter Cartridge

For over 80 years, Everpure is one of the most recognized brands of food business operators and facility managers and one of the most trusted brands of those serving the food service sector, including consultants, dealers, service providers and original manufacturers of water use equipment. Everpure's expansive portfolio of technologies and products is designed to be high in size to deliver the exact water quality specification to meet the operator's ingredient and process water requirements. Everpure delivers:

Consistency Everpure products remove or reduce unwanted minerals, particles and chemicals so your water glistens and tastes every time.

Trust Everpure products are tested and validated by third parties to perform to the highest standards by NSF International and other regulatory agencies.

Solutions Everpure's total water management program is designed to allow trained experts to test your water, analyze your operation, provide a customized water quality improvement plan and install the right products to ensure your water is seamless. And we will help you execute a simple and reliable preventative maintenance program.

Satisfaction Everpure water is better all around, which means you have a more efficient operation and your customers get a better overall experience.

The Conserv 75E RO Cartridge Kit includes (1) 4FC5 pretreated carbon filter, (1) 4CC post-processing Calcite Feeder Cartridge, (1) 4CB5 Post Carbon Filter Cartridge, and (1) GRO-75EN RO diaphragm cartridge.

  • Weight: 8.9
  • For use with = espresso, coffee, tea & ice cream
  • Service flow rate = 0.1 - 2.0 GPM
  • Filter amount = 4
  • Capacity USA = 1000 gallons (up to) 4500 liters
  • Type = reverse osmosis / ion exchange


Pesticides can be removed from drinking water using reverse osmosis (RO) or granulated activated carbon filter (GAC). Reverse osmosis works by forcing the water through a membrane that allows water molecules to pass through, but blocks larger ions or molecules, such as those associated with iron, lead or pesticides. In homes, reverse osmosis systems are usually small systems (called utility systems) located near the kitchen sink.

Reverse osmosis systems are cost-effective, but low-end systems can only produce a few liters of treated water each day. Significant recent improvements to membrane elements allow more expensive systems to produce 100 or more gallons per gallon. Day. The taste of the water may be affected by the removal of minerals.

Granulated activated carbon (GAC) filters are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. They remove pesticides and other contaminants that stick to small particles of material such as coal or charcoal. These filters can take the form of utility systems or pitchers manually filled with water. GAC filters need to be replaced or regenerated periodically to maintain their efficiency


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