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Schaerer Coffee Art Plus offers top quality at all levels. A wide selection of beverages, the quality of the coffee / milk drinks, Schaerer Milk Universe, countless configuration options, simple operation - with Coffee Art Plus you are always one step ahead of the competition.

Do you have particularly high standards on a fully automatic coffee machine? Don't you want to make compromises in terms of range of beverages, tastes, performance and equipment? Schaerer Coffee Art Plus has proven itself where these criteria are crucial, e.g. In cafes, hotels, restaurants or chain operations as well as in self-service stations in convenience stores and take-away businesses.

A selection of drinks with the highest level of quality Coffee Art Plus knows no restrictions when it comes to creating individual coffee / milk specialties. Whether for small or adult guests, you can prepare delicious drinks with coffee, fresh milk, milk and chocolate powder as well as hot water at the touch of a button. With the highest level of quality. You get an extra boost in quality when you make milk foam with the new patented Best Foam ™ milk system. And what else? Equipped with the taste bud syrup system, Coffee Art Plus transforms latte macchiatos, cappuccinos and the like into extraordinary flavors. It is remarkably easy to manage the recipes: All parameters for up to 40 beverages available at the touch of a button are programmed precisely and individually and stored in the system.

Schaerer Milk Universe Coffee Art Plus opens the door to the entire Schaerer Milk Universe - the world's largest selection of milk processing technologies and equipment. The latest star in the Schaerer Milk Universe is the revolutionary patented Best Foam ™ milk system. With Best Foam ™ you get either hot or cold, silky, snow-white milk foam, which is extremely creamy and stable. For individual milk-based coffee compositions with the highest level of barista skills. You can give your guests even more "barista feeling" with the choice of the Two Step milk system, our model for manual milk frothing.

Even more diverse with Flavor Point Whether you want caramel, hazelnut, vanilla, banana, coconut, tiramisu or chocolate: The Coffee Art Plus Flavor Point syrup system can process up to four syrup varieties and gives users great flexibility by composing individual beverage specialties. At the push of a button is to make exotic drinks with a consistently high level of children's play. And cleaning is remarkably easy: A specially designed hot water rinse process prevents sugar from crystallizing in the tubes. The TouchIT display uses simple, clear instructions and animated images to guide you and your staff through cleaning.

Intuitive operation with TouchIT With the advanced TouchIT, Schaerer Coffee Art Plus points to an intuitive 7 "touchscreen user panel. The screen is clear and high contrast. It illustrates all the necessary steps for easy operation of Coffee Art Plus, from beverage selection to cleaning. TouchIT is perfect for both self-service and operator service. The display can be customized using the configuration page. Larger fonts and drink buttons make it easy for both younger and older users to operate the coffee maker in self-service mode. An added benefit: There is a large selection of coffees - / milk compositions, and thanks to the barista key that allows the user to increase the coffee ratio, nothing stands in the way of a spontaneous caffeine boost. Last but not least, you can market your marketing campaigns by displaying them on the screen.

Perfect hygiene in accordance with the HACCP concept All Schaerer coffee and milk systems meet the HACCP hygiene analysis and have an automatic cleaning program. Cleaning takes no effort thanks to the simple instructions and animated images on the TouchIT screen. The elements in contact with coffee and milk are cleaned automatically - quickly, easily and reliably. Periodic intermediate rinses can be programmed and provide more security when it comes to the hygiene of Coffee Art Plus.

The best fresh milk solution we have ..... bum

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