FB 5100 15,000 cups small service kit

Model: FB5100 - 15000
$147.73  Excl. VAT

FB 5100 gasket set. 15,000 cups small service kit

Here is the list of all parts that are replaced at 15,000 cups inspection or every other year on model FB5100 and Eco1

Should be replaced approx. every 2 years.

4 pcs. Valve menbran for Model 46.008.111 Item no .: 1007699 (Clean valves for lime before mounting the new cones)

4 pcs. Valve gasket Item no. 39583700 (becomes leaky after about 2½ years)

2 pcs. Silicone gasket NTC sensor Model / Item no .: 39550200 ( leaks after about 2½ years)

1 piece. Silicone gasket, red, for coffee grounds Model / Item no .: 29917700 (Sitting inside metal saw)

1 piece. Silicone gasket, ready for sipade. Model / Part. 39415900 ( Sitting around the metal screen )

1 piece. Level sensor gasket, long model Model / Item no .: 30742401 (cut to fit in length)

1 piece. Piston gasket Ø84 Model / Item no .: 29572901 (Sits in the brewer)

1 piece. Piston gasket Ø49 Model / Item no .: 29572902 (Sits in the brewer)

2 pcs. V-ring (FDA) Model / Item no .: 39400401 (Screw whispers blade for dismantling)

2 pcs. O-ring blue Model / Item no .: 39400641 D is usually black Oring, but we use the blue as there is long durability.  

1 piece. Delivery spout for coffee Model / Item no .: 39521200 (Sits on Sipads where the coffee runs out.)

1 piece. Stirring wheel for dosing mechanism Model / Item no .: 39517700 (Sits at the bottom of coffee container)

1 piece. Coffee auger for dosing mechanism Model / Item no .: 39517900 (Test that the bed can run completely freely)

1 piece. Sensor for waste tray 5100 Model / Item no .: 42310400 ( Cracks in the steel wire)


On Eco 1 with haele beans (BTC), the grinder motor must also be replaced every 15,000 cups, this spare part must be ordered separately. Remember to calibrate fb engine .


Top 15 faults on FB 5100 and Eco1

  1. Lime in the Mulberry Valve or Menbrans = Drips (Only in Denmark)
  2. Temperature seals leaking
  3. Valve seals leaking
  4. Lumps in the milk bowl (poor cleaning)
  5. Warm error: temerature set to 93c and calibrate temperature.
  6. Grinder engine. (15,000 cups) or fuse 230v - 8 amp
  7. Call me. water enters the whip motor
  8. O ring.
  9. Coffee auger (slides so no coffee comes)
  10. waste tray feel. breaks
  11. Level sensor gasket. gets too old max 2 years
  12. Heating element. packing becomes leaky
  13. Stempelpakninge.
  14. Say packing.
  15. Si ring.
  16. Defective delta brewer

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