Wittenborg FB 7100 B2C plus

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Wittenborg FB7100 B2C plus with sigma bridge punch brew, coffee machine for whole beans . Fully worked out and state-of-the-art coffee machine with and an improved environmentally friendly standby system, night reduction and insulated water tank. Renovated with 1 year warranty. Choice of 24 drinks, Easy cleaning watch video

In Zego Tech we have over 25 years of technical experience in Wittenborg machines and we can recommend this 7100 Bean 2 Cup coffee solution.

Brews on whole coffee beans, according to the same principle as a piston brew. The beans are then ground with water in a cylinder. A stamp presses the water and the ground beans down, and out through the sieve comes the freshly brewed coffee full of scent and flavor. It ensures a very high quality coffee experience, which both strikes a wide taste and can be drunk throughout the day. Besides coffee, this vending machine also offers creamy chocolate, milk drinks made from 100% pure milk powder, coffee drinks with sugar, and hot water.

Wittenborg 7100 PLUS is elegant, Scandinavian design and quality right down to the smallest details. The models are an expression of new thinking - and a result of our ongoing work to deliver
environmentally conscious solutions. Well thought out design and functionality. The beautiful table models are aesthetic, stylish and perfectly adapted to a modern, Scandinavian environment. The newly developed touch-on icon
panel is activated by a light press, after which the selected icon flashes during delivery. Innovation inside and outside The user-friendliness is at the top of Wittenborg 7100 PLUS. All models are easy to fill up and clean - and you have the help at hand. The parts of the machine are color-coded so it is easy to see what needs cleaning.
Coffee solves everything. Four delicious versions, each with its own special function, ensure world-class flavors. The models can be installed with coin throws or Mobilepay.

Selection of drinks :

3 strengths of coffee, Mocha, Coffee, with and without milk and sugar. Too water, Café Latte, Chocolate, Chokomilk, Winemelange, Cappuccino, Latte macchiato, Espressochoko, Kander.



Base cabinet. Drinking water coolers with or without soft drinks. Scale filter. Always recommended. Table top, available in many dimensions. Dankort / Coin mechanism. Water canister + pump. Service Insurance. Wipe.




Whole beans, Cocoa powder, Real milk granules

Cups per filling: 200

Capacity per time: 180 cups

Delivering time: 20 sec. Pr. cup (125 ml)

3 liters water tank

Dimensions (HxWxD): 87 x 45x 48 cm

Electricity: 230 volts max. 2.45 kW

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Zego Tech ApS is a development / trading company that caters to customers / technicians in the kitchen / machine industry in Scandinavia. We are all technically educated with more than 25 years of technical experience and technology as our passion.

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We deal with coffee machines and repairs thereof and refurbished vending machines. In addition, we deal with espresso machines and related cleaning products. We also have a large selection of vending machines for sweets, food and soft drinks as well as Fadøls facilities, drinking water cooler and sparkling as well as payment systems. You can also find Wittenborg spare parts, Universal undercases, and plumbing fittings on the side as well as everything in lime filters and John Guest quick couplings.

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